Sacred Spaces Project

Partnering with Humphreys Custom Finishes, LLC,  The Sacred Spaces Project, is a unique Design Psychology service combining Chasing Peonies Counseling Services owner,  Sarah Humphreys' 13+ years in counseling with her training in interior design. Specializing in grief and loss, trauma, addictions, Sarah works to create warm and welcoming environments for the following:

  • Individual persons and families who are grieving the loss of a loved one in the home
  • Assistance for caregivers in preparation of, or after, a change in living arrangement or end of life care for their loved ones
  • Mental Health clinicians and Holistic practitioners seeking to create warm and welcoming environments for their clients or patients
  • Alternative Therapy Home or Office spaces- Meditation Rooms, Reiki, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, and Yoga Studios

 Residential Design and Bereavement at a glance:

Redesigning a space, deciding what to do with a lost loved ones belongings, and creating a new environment after loss is a process that requires more than just material changes. It is a therapeutic journey that requires thought, love, respect, and a significant amount of support. Sarah will utilize her specialized training and  years of experience in grief and bereavement counseling to renew your space with the utmost respect for your loved one and your healing process.  

 "I will never ask a client to 'move on' or 'let go' from this part of their life or their loved one. Rather, I will support them in integrating their loved one into their daily life while creating an environment that will allow them to heal and grow on their journey."  - Sarah Humphreys, Licensed Professional Counselor

For individuals seeking our Sacred Spaces residential services please call our confidential line  215-630-2150 or email to Please know any voicemail's left on this line are confidential. You may also use our Contact Us page.